quinta-feira, dezembro 09, 2004

Nordic Thunder - True Heroes

On December 8th he got the call
our first warrior,he stood tall
he fought off ZOG,the best he could
for he was the aryan Robin Hood
stole from the jews to support our cause
fighting off scum and breaking the laws
no remorse for the feds he shot
death before dishonor,he refused to get caught

Hail,Hail Bob Mathews,Hail Hail The Order
Hail,Hail Bob Mathews,for he fought the jew

Remember the comrades who fought and died
never giving up their strength and pride
they stood proud and they stood bold
now the legend can be told
the valkyries came down from a bloody sky
to take his soul when he died
now in valhalla he is on his throne
with other fallen warriors,he is not alone
(repeat chorus)

Remember Bob Mathews,for our Race he died
forever in our hearts and our minds
we will fight,we will stand bold
with the spirit of The Order never growing old
with their pride we will march on
to reach our Race´s victorious dawn
the courage and strength,the glory and pride
the spirit of our fallen fighting by our side.
(repeat chorus)