segunda-feira, fevereiro 14, 2005

Nordic Thunder - Rising Above All


Come and listen let me tell you who we are
A brotherhood of Aryans fighting for our cause
We´ve taken up the struggle to save our race
We´ve taken control of our own fate
On the streets we stand tall
Sticking together and Rising Above All
Hammerskins are fighting and never giving in
Fighting for our Race, we fight to win

It started in Dallas, but we´ve grown world-wide
When others drop out we will never say die
United in this struggle,
We have to place our Race first
Skinheads fighting to destroy this jewish curse
With a mighty fist and a cunning mind
We´ll beat down the muds
And stop this nigger crime
An elite group of Skinheads
For a nation White and Pure
The future of White children is what we fight for
Like Aryan warriors from ages gone by
We´ll fight the evil forces with our Racial pride
A noble breed of warriors striving for the best
The Hammerskins are here to destroy
This jewish mess

Hammerskins- Unite,Stand & Fight
Hammerskins- Unite,Stand & Fight

We´ve had enough of the Zionist way
Creating a path for our Race´s decay
Out with the filth that destroy our land
We´ve taken on the fight, we´ve taken a stand
Hammerskins are fighting on the streets
Defending our Race- we won´t be beat
For the Racial movement we have bled
But we will never give up for victory lies ahead

(repeat chorus)

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