quinta-feira, maio 12, 2005

Irmandade Ariana - Entrevista

AB PORTUGAL is one of the only direct actions groups nowadays in
Portugal; they had been very controversial in the media and had
been headlines in many newspapers, TV shows, news etc for the past
years. Many of us in the movement do not agree with direct action
but many of us also know that is need and we in Portugal know that
if wasn’t AB “taking” care of some of our direct enemies, we nationalists
would be facing real enemies, not week and worthless kids. So
we would like to thank AB for their sacrifices to protect us Nationalists
as well the Movement.

WAU: First of all, we would like to thank the interview. Can
you make us a brief description of whom and what is the Aryan
Brotherhood Portugal?

Aryan Brotherhood: The AB is an organization, which works in the
pattern of the resistance without leadership, so we have many cells.
All these cells are independent, and fight isolated. The first cell, the
founder, wanted this system because we believe this way any person
who takes direct action, could do these actions in the name of the
AB. without the need of agreement from the other cells. The great
advantage is that most of the people whom claim to be AB do not
know each other so in this way they cannot talk about the other people
involved on it, what it makes hard the work of ZOG. AB Portugal
was idealized in 1995 inside of the walls of a Portuguese prison, and
with passing of the years, and with the need of direct action, the idea
went out of the prison walls in 2000 to the streets.

WAU: and your members? We know you are divided by cells,
are there cells spread by all over country or are they mainly
in the big cities?

AB: As I already said, right now we have no control or idea how
many members we have and where you can find them, although we
have an idea by the actions that are reported in the press or by what
people have heard here and there… But being part of the nationalist
movement and considering the movement is mainly concentrated in
main cities, I could say that yes almost all members should be located
in big cities.

WAU: Since the very beginning of AB in Portugal there was
some big attention from media around your group, some years
ago big headlines and so many people scared with single site
on web and later with your actions. Did you felt that media
pressure, or repression, inside your organization?

AB: We felt the pressure, but we didn’t accept it… we kept alive and
even more radical and with more actions… or enemies can confi rm
it… (Laughing)

WAU: A few months ago the AB restarted having some media
attention because a list of antifas targets, can you talk us a
bit more about that?

AB: The AB had made a list with home addresses, social habits,
material possessions, pictures etc, of about 20 anti-Nazis, and had
spread that list among nationalists by the site www.forum-nacional.
net, and today I can tell you we know even more about those people
because the world is too small, and after we had spread that list instead
a few people working on collecting info etc we had 2000 users
subscribed on that forum. That was really good because today we are
sure that those antifas are nor a threat to nationalists, and also we
know that all those scum bags had paid for what they are and we are
sure they will not even think to stand against us anymore.

WAU: Na AB member had accepted to give an interview for
one of the most popular TV channels in Portugal. Do you think
that interview was a good thing, or in someway was manipulated?

AB: We believe in the Adolf Hitler motto: “Good or bad what matters
is they talk about us”. So when we had agreed to give the interview
we already knew that they would never say good things about us.
Although I think that piece was not so bad. We liked especially when
they had put a sociologist who looked like a frog denying the undeniable,
or when they had confronted Falcão (SOS Racism Leader) with
his name on our list and he started telling his fairy tales. Anyway we
think our guy was great on that interview.
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