terça-feira, abril 04, 2006

Skinhead Girl - Mistreat

The queen of these filthy streets, always knows what to do,
as fast as she can blink the eye, she's gonna scare the hell out of you,
she's my sweet little rebel queen, she's the girl next door,
she looks really hot in her tight blue jeans, she's the girl I've been looking for.

Ref.: She's the most beautiful pearl, she's my skinhead girl,
can't even keep my eyes off her, she's my skinhead girl,
everbody looks after her, she's my skinhead girl,
all the others are just the same, but my baby...they can never tame.

She don't care what the others do, don't care what they say,
she's the vagabond of these streets, that's the way she lives today,
No one can twist her mind, she just wanna make love with her life,
when she comes through the night I know, she's the girl I've been waiting for.